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Pediatric Sleep Disorder

Sleep is as important for growing children as nutrition and exercise. If your child is struggling with sleep problems, they may be at risk for behavioral / medical issues including lower school performance,


Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder
Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder is a specific kind of circadian rhythm disorder that is particularly common among blind people.  People with N24 may find themselves gradually going to bed later each night and waking up later each day until their sleep schedule gets flipped all the way around.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder
An Overview of Insomnia
Periodic Limb Movement Disorder

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How can we help you get better sleep?

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What to do  when i can't sleep 

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Perfect my sleep routine

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14 Nights To Better Sleep program

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Help me fight sleep apnea

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Find the best mattress for me

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Find the best pillow for me

Sleep is the single most effective thing you can do to reset the health of your brain and body.



If you want to learn how to use the power of nature to heaI "your body, mind and spirit" then this is the place!

-Dr. Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi, DNM, PhD


500+ articles reviewed by our team of medical experts


More than 1,000 sleep products tested hands-on in our lab


Connected over 1 million people with a sleep solution tailored to their needs

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Treatment for Sleep Disorders

Extraordinary Service and Support 

With a calculable approach, we help physician partners reach their goals with service and support with the latest medical technologies, strong business and medical support, and proven patient acquisition system. 

Who We Are

Shahriar Shahzedi and his staff provide treatment for sleep disorders in support of any work schedule. Our company, Grand Health Institute, has created a comprehensive treatment program that allows Pediatric care centers, and Pediatric hospitals to identify the estimated 20-30% undiagnosed pediatric sleep disorder patients and offer them curative treatment options. 

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How Did You Sleep Last Night?

If that’s a question you dread, let me first confess – I sleep extremely well most nights. Often when I think I’ve woken in the wee small hours, it is actually early morning, and my alarm clock’s due to go off in about 20 minutes.

You probably hate me by now. But what can I say? I realise I am quite unusual, as well as very lucky.

A lot of my friends are far less lucky, though – and poor sleep is a subject we chew over endlessly when I’m with them.

And when I ask them about their bedtime routines, I’m not surprised they have trouble dropping off at night.

They’re trying to relax by watching TV in bed, or they go straight from desk to duvet – their poor brains still buzzing with work or facebook.

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